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our leather

The leather in which the car upholstery is manufactured is a so-called automotive leather of the highest quality and developed to meet the toughest requirements from car manufacturers and therefore fits in extra tough environments such as taxis and transport cars. You can choose an upholstery with our standard leather that is available in over 20 colors or design your very own and combine with, for example, alcantara and perforated. Welcome to our gallery for inspiration!


approved airbag seams

Today, most cars are equipped with side airbags according to OEM standards and the industry places high demands on the manufacture of car upholstery. Therefore, there is a strong focus on research, development and procurement of technology required to produce upholstery that meets safety functions and requirements. Our car upholstery has approved airbag seams and is manufactured with the support of the certifications ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. We have tested our car upholstery in TÛV, Germany, where they have been blasted in 3 different temperatures to ensure that the airbag opens and develop as it should in a collision.

our leather

This is our most popular leather and is available in about 20 colors. Keep in mind that the color of the screen does not always correspond to reality.


A microfiber that resembles suede. We have chosen to work with Alcantara from Italy, which is of high quality and which does not pluck, release fibers or change color. Available in 5 colors. Keep in mind that the color of the screen does not always correspond to reality.


a toyota prisus gets new leather upholstery

Here we turn a boring fabric upholstery on a Toyota Prius into a stylish, durable and comfortable leather upholstery!