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leather Upholstery for all tastes. And year models.


Standard Leather specializes in leather upholstery for new and used vehicles, industry, ships, aircraft and commercial properties and has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Our upholstery is not a cover upholstery, it replaces the car's original upholstery and gives you the opportunity to adapt the design and function completely to your own needs. The material is 100% leather and the seams are tested and approved for airbags. We are proud builders of Swedish Volkswagen Transportbilar. Do you want more inspiration? Take a look in our gallery.

experience the difference

The leather upholstery is available for most car models, both passenger and transport cars - wiht a price that is lower than if you turn to your branded workshop. The leather withstands harsh environments and therefore fits extra well in taxis and transport vehicles. Mounted in port (PDI) or retrofitted in our workshop or alternatively at a saddle maker near you.

  • choose between standard upholstery or design your very own - the leather is available in more than 20 colors
  • choose for embroidery with your company logo for back or headrest
  • fast delivery time