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1. How long does an assembly take ?
The actual installation takes only 1-2 days , but usually gets the car ready for the day. We have access to over 3,000 templates of original seat covers are manufactured to order. Delivery time from factory about 7-10 days. When the upholstery has come to our workshop we book a time that suits you.

 2. What materials can you choose from?
We have 4 different types of material to choose from - standard leather, nappa , Alcantar and Dacota. During Our Leather you'll find the colors that are available in the respective material. You can combine the different materials, such as choosing Alcantara on the center portion of the seat and back surface , with or without perforation.

3. What does a leather interior including installation of car?
Approximately 20,000 to 25,000 SEK including VAT for a 5- seater car depending on the material and if you choose standard or design yourself. Once we know the car model and how you want to dress to look like you get a fixed price for upholstery and assembly.

4. I have assemble seatcovers before, can I assemble this by myself?
The car upholstery we sell is not a seat covers, it is an original upholstery. During assembly, the old is removed before the new leather upholstery can be installed and requires some special tools for this. We recommend that a car upholstery company to assembles the upholstery.

5. Can I get the upholstery sent to me?
Yes, you can. We ship with UPS, which takes 1-3 days depending on where it should be sent .