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1. How do you order a leather upholstery?
Once we have agreed on what the upholstery should look like and we know the car model (and year model), your upholstery will be manufactured to order. It takes about 10 working days from order until we have the upholstery in the workshop. The actual assembly takes 1-2 days.

2. Which cars can I order leather upholstery for?
We have access to over 3000 templates, but many car manufacturers make updates to their existing car models, so-called facelifts, which may mean that an upholstery that previously fit a certain model / year model, suddenly does not fit. To avoid incorrect orders (because each upholstery is manufactured uniquely), we recommend that the old upholstery be removed and used as a template.

3. What materials can you choose from?
We have different types of leather - standard leather and Alcantara. Here you can read more about colors and materials. You can combine the different materials yourself, for example choose Alcantara on the middle part of the seat and back, with or without perforation. You can also order embroidery for the headrest or the back seat.

4. What does a leather upholstery cost, including fitting in a car?
Our upholstery replaces your existing upholstery and the price is lower than if you turn to your branded workshop. For a 5-seater car with 100% leather, it takes 2-3 cowhides and the approximate price is around SEK 25,000 including VAT and assembly, depending on material and design. When we know the car model and how you want the upholstery to look, you get a fixed price for upholstery and assembly. Your car gets a completely new upholstery, better than the original, say many of our customers.

5. I have fitted cover upholstery before, can I fit a leather upholstery myself?
We recommend that a car saddle maker assemble the upholstery. Our car upholstery is not a cover upholstery, it replaces the existing upholstery. When assembling, the old upholstery must be removed before the new leather upholstery can be assembled and some special tools are needed for this.

6. Can you have the upholstery sent to you?
Yes, it's going well. We ship with UPS which takes 1-3 days depending on where it is to be sent.